PT Dirga Aditata Aneka

A Leading Construction And Development Company In Indonesia Specializing In Creating High-Quality Properties For The Mid To High-End Markets.


Dirga Aditata Aneka

As A Trusted Construction And Property Development Company In Indonesia, We Are Committed To Being The Best. We Always Strive To Deliver The Highest Quality In Every Project We Undertake, And We Take Pride In The Reputation We Have Built Over The Years. With An Experienced And Professional Team, We Are Ready To Face Challenges. With A Spirit Of Innovation And Dedication To Excellence, We Continue To Strive For Success And Aim To Be A Reliable Partner For All Our Clients.

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To be a leading construction company in Indonesia, that prioritizes effectiveness, efficiency, quality of works and value-added services through innovation for excellence.


  • Commitment on maintaining client trust through excellent and efficient quality of works

  • Provide added values for our client, stakeholders, employees and broad society with a growth mindset.

  • Develop professionalism and good corporate governance sustainably

  • Provide our employees with support and opportunities for self-development.

Share Holders

Since its founding, our company and holding company PT TRIKARYA IDEA SAKTI have been involved in multiple group construction projects.

Our Projects

We take on a wide range of construction projects, from residential to commercial and industrial, always striving to deliver exceptional quality and innovative solutions.

Mega Mall

Pluit in 1990

Company Values

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality in all our projects, ensuring that we exceed our clients’ expectations and create lasting value with our partners.

Excellence Quality

Our Company’s high standards and quality controls brings us to a prominent and respected position in the property industry.

Cost Efficient Construction

Aligned with our vision and mission we aim to innovate and develop ourselves alongside our employees and partners to be effective and efficient in our efforts.

Good Communications

We strive to maintain good relationships with our clients and partners with a strong good communication, while earning trust. Which is the keys to a successful business.

Our Comissioner

Lukas Jehtrokusumo


Our commissioner is a well respected businessman. He is part of Adiputro Group, which is presently still active and a well known company. With our company, he brings many good business values and through his guidance and teamwork, we will fulfil our vision and mission. Alongside his success in the business world, he is also a member of one of the largest church group in Indonesia.

Board Of Directors

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality in all our projects, ensuring that we exceed our clients’ expectations and create lasting value with our partners.

King Yuwono

President Director

Our president director is a successful and well respected businessman in the business world. He obtained a master degree of Industrial Technic from Germany in 1980. He maintains a good reputation since the beginning of his business in the 90’s, with his trustworthiness and great principles in life and work, he was recruited to manage and lead many construction projects exist now in Jakarta.

Christian A. Yuwono

Vice President

Our vice president joined this company in 2017 after finishing his studies in medicine in Germany. Since then he has lead our holding company’s property in Pasar Baru as Group Operational Director, managing Apartment, Hotel and commercial areas. He is a meticulous leader with beliefs of strong management. His values are a great addition to our company aiming for a successful future.

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